Discolored teeth can hinder a person's confidence as it can lead to possible embarrassment. Patients with stained teeth often say they think twice before smiling and that it makes them feel too conscious of their appearance. No one has to live with stained teeth all through their life. We offer customized teeth whitening solutions to help you get a sparkling white smile.

Possible cause of teeth discoloration

  • Persistent chewing of tobacco
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Excessive consumption of colored foods (either natural or artificial)
  • Improper or irregular brushing of teeth
  • In rare cases, consuming certain medication can cause discoloration of teeth.

Conventional teeth whitening

Conventional teeth whitening is a procedure that involves the use of teeth whitening gel. The gel is rich in hydrogen peroxide, a compound widely used in teeth whitening procedures. The dentist will apply the whitening gel on the teeth and spread it evenly. It is allowed to stay on the teeth for a few minutes during which the gel releases oxygen molecules. The molecules remove the coloring particles from the porous surface of the teeth and make them appear whiter. The gel will be removed by rinsing the mouth.

Custom tray whitening

Custom tray whitening involves the use of mouthguard-like trays to keep the whitening gel in constant contact with the teeth. This prevents the intervention of saliva during the whitening procedure, which is why it is known to be more effective than conventional whitening. Moreover, the dentist will hand you the custom plastic trays and you can use them in the comfort of your house.

Laser teeth whitening

Laser has several applications in the field of dentistry out of which teeth whitening is one. A photosensitive whitening gel is used for this procedure. After applying the gel on the teeth, a suitable laser is used to activate it. This produces a foam which gets rid of the stains is a shorter time span. People with a busy schedule often prefer laser teeth whitening as it saves them a lot of time.

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