Breath Enhancement

Breath Enhancement

Dentists treat most issues related to the teeth, gums, soft inner lining of the mouth and pretty much everything related to the oral cavity. But, did you know that they also treat breathing issues? Yes, you read that right. Dr. Elizabeth Perez offers a unique treatment option called breath enhancement. In this treatment, we will diagnose your breathing patterns, identify the issues, and suggest the best treatment option to help your condition.
Dr. Perez has been treating patients with dental issues for over a decade now. Her comprehensive and effective treatment methods have earned her a great reputation among her patients, which is why she is highly recommended by them.

What is breath enhancement?

Most patients with breathing issues ignore them considering them to be just some other regular health concern that would just diminish with time. But, little do they know that breathing issues can have a huge negative impact on one’s overall health. Breath enhancement is a procedure which helps the dentist identify issues in your breathing pattern and suggest the right treatment to correct it.

Why is mouth breathing not recommended?

Dentists always recommend breathing through the nose as mouth-breathing has a few disadvantages. Here are some of them:

  • Mouth-breathing during sleep can result in loud snoring
  • Increase in the severity of bad breath
  • The mouth tends to run dry
  • Hoarse voice
  • Lower levels of tolerance
  • Persistent blockage of the nose
  • Fatigue
  • Lower oxygen absorption rate in the lungs

After conducting a thorough screening process, we will identify areas where the breathing pattern needs to be altered. Changes will be suggested to make sure enough amount of oxygen is supplied to the lungs and brain. This ensures healthier organs of the body and an active lifestyle that would keep you functioning well.

Call us at (813) 661-1600 or schedule an online appointment with Dr. Elizabeth Perez and we’ll be able to guide you further.

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