Orthodontic aligners are dental appliances that are used to get rid of a malocclusion. When the alignment of the teeth isn’t pleasing, patients often experience a lot of embarrassment due to all the mocking. Also, malocclusion affects a person’s oral functionality as they wouldn’t be able to bite or chew food like normal. Excessive forces will be applied on the teeth which leads to pain in the jaw and TMJ. Hence, to save oneself from all these issues, dentists recommend patients get their malocclusion treated at the earliest using a suitable orthodontic aligner.

Types of orthodontic aligners

The two main types of orthodontic aligners are dental braces and clear aligners.

Dental braces:They are a combination of wires and brackets that help to apply pressure on the surface of the teeth, thereby moving them in the required direction. Based on the type and severity of malocclusion, the treatment period may range between a few months to a couple years. In braces, the two prominent types are clear braces and metal braces.

  • Clear braces: The braces are composed of brackets made either from ceramic or clear plastic. Ceramic brackets can be made to match the color of the teeth so that they stay under disguise when you smile or talk to someone. Clear brackets are transparent and avoid easy detection. Along with these, the wires used are made from transparent plastic.
  • Metal braces: Metal braces are composed of metal brackets and wires. They are the basic type of dental braces that are quite apparently visible, but highly effective.

Invisalign: Invisalign is the most widely preferred clear aligner. As the name suggests, it is a near invisible aligner made from dental-grade transparent plastic material. Invisalign would be fabricated by taking a highly-precise digital mold of the teeth and using it to fabricate the aligners in a dental laboratory. The aligners are removable, unlike dental braces, and are used to treat some of the less complicated types of malocclusion.

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