Cosmetic Dentistry & The Benefits of Having a Healthy Smile

Posted by Dr. Elizabeth Perez on Aug 3 2019, 01:49 AM

7 Secrets to a Healthier Smile

A smile is capable of brightening not just your day but that of those it greets. While some people can’t wait to show off their pearly whites, others do all that is within their power to hide them from the rest of the world.

But what exactly makes a smile healthy? Is it snow colored, glistening teeth? Could it be healthy looking gums? A breathe that draws people towards it rather than making them take to their heels? A mouth free from unhealthy microorganisms? What about the perfect dental alignment also known as the perfect looking bite? Or maybe it could be every single one of these qualities?

Whatever it is, we all know a healthy smile is something we all crave for. A healthy smile provides you with so much more than great looks… A healthy looking smile has numerous benefits.

Benefits of Having a Healthy Smile!

A healthy smile improves a person’s self-esteem. If you’ve ever had to deal with issues regarding teeth alignment or the ever-so-common teeth discoloration, you would attest that saying cheese is usually the last thing on your mind. Not in all cases or in all people does this lead to a decreased self-esteem, but a percentage of people with not-so-great-looking smiles do feel a decreased self-esteem. This decreased self-esteem due to an unhealthy looking smile can cause a person to be less talkative than he/she should be, more so when amongst unfamiliar faces.

It gives us the beauty and confidence needed for us to face the world. In a world where first impressions, looks and one’s physical appearance are qualities pretty much everyone pays attention to, no one wants to be left out when it comes to looking good. You’ll never know how much of a difference a healthy looking smile makes to the face of its owner until you compare before and after photos of clients that had aesthetic dental issues. Not only do their smiles look better, but you can notice a difference in their confidence from how fully and well they smile in the ”after” photos.

It reduces your risk for several diseases. Having a healthy smile not only looks good but can help ward off disease conditions like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, kidney disease, lung disease, Alzheimer’s and a whole lot of other diseases.

It helps you have a healthy baby. An unhealthy mouth has been linked to infertility, premature birth and low birth weight.

It boosts your success rate. Whether it’s all about getting that new job or contract or about getting the attention of your newest crush, a healthy smile will boost your chances of succeeding even if nothing else works in your favor.

Having a healthy smile definitely sounds like something we would all interested in, doesn’t it? With the help of a cosmetic dentist, your smile can become your best asset.

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